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Hunt Location Country Namibia New Zealand USA USA Namibia USA USA USA USA USA
Hunt Location StateProvince Kamanjab South Island Texas Florida Kamanjab Texas Florida Nebraska Montana New Mexico
Hunt Location AreaConcession Kamanjab Middle Earth Marathon - Alpine Just north of Orlando Kamanjab King Ranch south of Corpus Christi Lake Wales area Nebraska Faber Ranch - Havre, Montana
Start Date of Hunt 08.18.2011 04.23.2012 09.27.2009 11.22.2013 07.19.2013 05.19.2014 03.14.2014 04.25.2014 10.29.2013 10.05.2013
End Date of Hunt 08.27.2011 04.28.2012 09.30.2009 11.22.2013 07.26.2013 05.22.2014 03.16.2014 04.27.2014 11.04.2013 10.06.2013
Outfitters Name Vieranas Safaris Deerbrooke Safaris Wildlife Systems Inc Florida Bow Fishing Vieranas Safaris King Ranch Gator Busters Triple T Hunting Adventures Bear Paw Hunts Mike Grosse, International Adventures
Outfitters Address Roger & Amelia; Tel: +264-81-1249324; Kamanjab; Namibia; AFRICA Deerbrooke Safaris

John & Gina McInnes
27 Athelney Road
South Island
New Zealand
Phone +64 3 3196155
Fax: +64 3 3196153


P.O. Box 5121
San Angelo, TX 76902
Phone: 325-655-0877
Fax: 325-947-7703
Contact Information

Feel free to contact us via email at

Capt. Ed McCormick
Florida Bowfishing Charters LLC
P.O. Box 3318
Dunnellon, FL 34430
Kamanjab, Namibia Kingsville, Texas Lake Wales, Florida Lynch, Nebraska Bear Paw Hunts Inc.
Box 765,
Havre, MT 59501
PO Box 1157
Gunnison, CO 81230
Outfitters Web site http://www.FloridaBowFishing.ciom
Guides Name Roger Coomber John McInnis Jackie Murphy Ed McCormick Roger Coomber Jose Salazar Chuck Simmons Tom Allen Steve Faber Clint Morris
Booking Agent Legends Outfitting Mike Grosse
Cost of Hunt $5,500 $6,000 $4,500 $350 $7,000 $3,000 $2,500 $550 $5,900 $2,500
Make Model of Firearm Bow PSE Fireflite Winchester 7 MM Mag Remington 300 Win Mag for Aoudad

PSE Fireflite for Javalina
Unknown. PSE Brute PSE Brute
Horton Crossbow
10 Point Crossbow
Weatherby 300 Win Mag Remington 870 12 Gauge Dakota model 97 in 300wm and Krieghoff Semprio in 300wm Remington, Model 700, 300 Win Mag
Distances to expect and range at which trophies were taken range is 18 to 25 yards. All shots were taken at 18 to 22 yards 50 yards to 400 yards + for both Red Stag and Tahr. Red Stag shot at 280 yards. Tahr at 155 yards with a steep downhill target Aoudad range from 35 yards to 400. Aoudad taken at 200

Javalia taken at 25 yards
3 feet to 15 feet, with most shots at 10 feet or less. range = 10 to 30 yards

trophies taken at 18 to 20 yards over water
nilgai range = 12 yards to 60 yards
Hogs = 3 yards to 35 yards
range of 3 yards to 200 yards

gator shot at approx 110 yards
Range of 5 to 50 yards. Birds taken at 20 yards Joe's was shot at 100 yards and Steve's at 350 yards this is what you should expect 150-300+
Optics Leupold Bushnell Scope Gar N/A for bow. Standard scopes for the crossbows Leupold None Both guns topped with Swarovki 2.5x15 Z6 scopes bring 10 power binos Leupold VX III, 4.5-14x
Species Taken Kudu bull, warthog, red hartebeest, hartmann (mountian zebra) Red Stag - Tahr - 2 possums - Arapawa Ram Aoudad - Javalina Talapia gemsbok, red hartebeest (2), kudu cow, warthogs (2), springbuck Hog Alligator Two Tom Turkeys Mule Deer and Pheasant Pronghorn Antelope
Species Hunting Not Taken sprinbuck, gemsbok, bazboon, many others Chamois none The talapia were just too fast for this guy! baboon, male kudu, jackal, any of the lesser cats Nilgai Osceola Turkey none
Reason Not Taken couldn't get in bow range Decided not to pursue at this species is under stress at the moment Didn't see any on this trip. For an archery hunt, the temperatures were not hot enough. Our daily temps were in the high 80s, and just pushing 90. To get Nilgai to come to water, the temps need to hit mid-90's or better. I am not a good turkey hunter.
Evaluation of Support Camp Facilities Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
Evaluation of Support Equipment Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Evaluation of Support Food Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Good Excellent Good
Evaluation of Support Trophy Preparation Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Describe hunt conditions Very dry and hot Very mountainous with steep climbs. Early mornings were cold, and the days pleasant.

Very dry and hot. Last week of September during the aoudad rut. This is an evening hunt. It was a bit windy, and at the start, a bit drizzly. Then the weather cleared up. The water was muddy, which made spotting fish much easier Very very dry, cold at nights and early mornings with temps rising quickly during the day. Hot and humid, but not hot enough for Nilgai. Also very windy, with the average wind speed at 25 to 30 miles an hour consistently. Temps in the high 80s, pushing 90s. I stayed at a local motel nearby to the outfitter's house. The rooms were decent, There was a restaurant across the parking lot. Plus there were many places to eat or take out in Lake Wales Cold but Dry Arrived at the Great Fall airport on the 29th of October on our annual Father (Joe) and Son (Steve) hunt and was net by Randy from the ranch and drove about an hour to the ranch house. A nice comfortable lodge with good beds, clean bathrooms and very good home cooked meals. They even had satellite TV so we could check the football scores. Met our guide Steve Faber, fired our guns and set out the next morning. Joe toke a nice 10 point on the first day and Steve a Great old 11 point still in velvet on day four. On day five we went Pheasant hunting and limited out in short order. Each day we saw a number of shooter bucks, lots of Mule Deer and a few shooter White Tails. (Our license was good for either but we were after Mule Deer) The pheasant are abundant. Departed on the 4th of November. We had a great time and will return! It was cool and calm.
Describe hunt transportation to and from the airport - by van

in the bush - safari truck
Jeeps V. At camp, a pickup was standard Boat with a flat deck In the bush, Roger's safari truck. To and from the airport, in the van. My partner and I drove to the ranch. Once at the ranch, transport is by pickup truck on black top roads. I rented a car in Orlando. When hunting with Chuck, we used his pickup truck My own SUV. Upon arrival to the ranch, transportation was generally by pickup truck. Air from Grand Rapids to Great Falls Montana, Met by Outfitter at the airport and transported by truck to the ranch 4x4 pickup truck
Describe any problems you encountered if any To hunt the wild country of Nambia. A trek back in time None none None. Probably could have used a shooting glove, to prevent sore fingers the next day None My partner's bow failed in the field, so he switched to a crossbow. Since the area is remote, it is a very good idea to have a backup bow or crossbow. None. None. The Allens really offerred a lot of support to make the hunt a success None None
Personal highlights Excellent. Very knowledgable. Pro staffer. Seriously concerned and takes steps to help ensure that the hunter shoots accurately A free range red stag, tahr and ram hunt A superb free range hunt. A true sheep hunt at 1/10th the cost of Stone sheep hunt.

Beautiful country with lots of history
A first for bowfishing, and quite the sucess story. Where else will you get 50 to 80 shot opportunities in just one evening. Lots of fun and fast action This was my second hunt with Vieranas, and they specialize in archery hunts. The hunting is very good to excellent, with lots of game coming to the water holes. Roger offers both free range (no high fence), and high fence hunting (very large estate). The hunting is always fun, as you never know what is going to show up at the water holes A first for me to hunt in extreme heat and humidity, and to see a nilgai roaming through the brush. They are BIG, almost like a brahma bull. Taking a free range alligator over 10 feet. My alligator measured 11 feet 2 inches Getting my first double. Ever. And on merriam turkeys too. Hunting as a father and son on there first Mule Deer hunt together and Blasting away at the pheasant on the last day. My wife, Julie, joined me on the hunt as an observer. We had a great time and it was a nice hunt to take over a long weekend.
Comments on guides performance The coast - Swakopmund. A desert tour.

A trip to Etosha National Park.
John has lived in New Zealand all his life, and really loves to hunt. He is intimately familar and passionate about red stags Jackie did an excellent job. Aoudad is his passion, currently Excellent. Ed has lived and traversed the local waters all his life. Excellent. A prostaffer for Strothers. Really know archery, and Roger helped cure me of a bad case of target panic. Very good. Was born on the ranch, and has lived there all his life. Really knows nilgai, their habits, and movements. Chuck is a very experienced trapper and gator guide. He used to have a full-time crew, and would harvest over 250 gators a hear. Knows all the travel routes and hangouts for gators, having lived in this part of the world all his life Very supportive and helpful. I would recommend Triple T for turkey and deer. Outstanding. Clint has worked at the ranch for several years and knew right were to find the antelope. He was very knowledgeable and friendly.
General comments The whole south Island. So many neat places to see and visit. Seals, whale watching, glaciers, hot springs, Queenstown, Glenorchy, Middle Earth and Mordor. Too many to list. An exceptionally beautiful country and definitely a return visit is needed and planned for Big Bend National Park
History of Marathon and Alpine
Floating the Rio Grande River
Apache and Pancho Villa territory
Lots of desert to enjoy
Lots of night birds, and the occasional alligator. A fun evening any time of the year, so long it isn't raining. A great hunt in a remote part of Namibia. Wild, and you feel like you are stepping back in time. I will be hunting with Roger for the 3rd time in 2015.

Sights to see include the Bushmen rock art at Trefelfontain or just east of Kamanjab. If you plan ahead, arrange to visit a Himba village. I took a Blue Bag for my 2013 trip; and it was very much appreciated.
Corpus Christi on the waterfront is quite nice, with lots of good eateries and watering holes.

A very good hunt that I will do again within the next two years.
The smell of orange blossoms is everywhere.

Also, the area is a known Florida panther zone.
Saw lots and lots turkey. Probably more turkey than I have seen in all of my hunting years. Plus, there were impressive deer racks all over NE Nebraska, which tells me they have some great deer hunting too. I'd recommend working in an extra day to do some sight-seeing. We stayed in Roswell and it is about a 90 minute drive into the mountains to visit a ski resort town, small towns made famous by Billy the Kid, and a Smokey Bear museum.

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