Name Country Province Hunt Area Start Date of Hunt End Date of Hunt Outfitters Name Outfitters Address Outfitters Website Guides Name Booking Agent Cost of Hunt MakeModelofFirearmBow Distances to expect and range Optics Species Taken Evaluation of Support Camp Facilities Evaluation of Support Equipment Evaluation of Support Food Evaluation of Support Trophy Preparation Hunt Conditions Describe hunt transportation Describe any Problems Personal Highlights Comments on Guides Performance General Comments
Kevin O'Brien Canada Alberta Hotchkiss 3/4/2019 3/9/2019 Byron Wolf PO Box27, Hotchkiss, Alberta, Canada TOH2BO Byron Wolf SCI Michigan Online Auction Winning Bid Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker .270 Baits set at about 250 Yds. Luopold Scope 3.5-14 Wolf Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Hunted from pop up blinds and 4x4 box blinds with heat. Hunted dark to dark. Pick up truck then snow machine then walk about the last 1/2 mile to the blind. None Three hunters in camp - 5 wolves taken in 6 days. I got a 94 lb. male on the third day and a 76 lb. female on the last day. Hard working and honest. Check his website and facebook for pictures. Pictures and happy hunters don't lie.He has numerous bait sites for different wind directions and is constantly running bait so all sites remain baited to keep the wolves coming. . Great hunt. If wolf is on your list - Byron at Wolf Huntin Adventures is your man!

October Meeting

 Camo Night

Wear camouflage & get 1 extra door prize ticket.
Also our annual membership drive... Bring a guest (one non-family member) for free!

Sue Ellen McCleary presents...
My Summer Vacation...
Texas Style!

It is very important that we give The Pinnacle Center an accurate attendance so that we have enough food & table settings!
Call or Email Don Dixon (616) 676-0305 or
Please: Make Reservation before Monday, October 3rd.


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