Terry Blauwkamp

City of Residence: Hudsonville

Spouse/Children: Jo Ann (spouse)

Employment: Superior Sales Inc

Hobbies: Shooting and Reloading

Member Since: 1983

Board Positions(s): President and Treasurer of SCI MI. Also SCI Audit Committee and Seminar speaker at SCI Conventions about Reloading and African Hunting.

Introduced: Age 12 my dad gave me my first single barrel 16 ga Shot Gun.  At age 14, I had a 30-06 and started reloading and shooting all the time.

Continent(s) Hunted: North America and Africa

Favorite Trophy: African Blue Wildebeest & Wart Hogs

Memorable Hunt: In Africa, the Oryx ( Gemsbok) that charged and intended to kill me. In North America a Mt Goat hunt in British Columbia.

Favorite Species to Hunt: Wildebeest, Wart Hogs and Gemsbok

Want to Hunt: Texas Nilgai

Advice: Practice-Practice-Practice


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