Rebecca Lynne Cain

City of Residence: East Lansing

Spouse/Children: I have a 5-year old lab mix dog named Dixie Casey Cain (named after the south and my favorite NASCAR driver, Kasey Kahne)

Employment: PhD Student and Boone & Crockett Fellow at Michigan State University

Hobbies: Hunting, Reading, Ultimate Frisbee, Research, School

Member Since: January 2015

Board Positions(s): N/A

Introduced: At 10 years old, I started pheasant hunting with my late father.

Continent(s) Hunted: My father took me hunting for the first time at 18-years old - North America

Favorite Trophy: White-tailed Deer

Memorable Hunt: My first turkey hunt with my father on a beautiful spring morning in South Carolina is my most memorable hunt so far. We watched the sunrise and several gobblers strut throughout the morning. Eventually, I made a great shot on a large tom, dropping him mid-strut without damaging his tail feathers.

Favorite Species to Hunt: White-tailed Deer and Turkey

Want to Hunt: Black Bear

Advice: First, enjoy the hunt! Second, be respectful not only to the locals and people in your hunting party, but also to the animal you are hunting. If you are traveling to hunt, be sure to take the time to understand the culture of your destination, including their beliefs, general customs, common greetings, and dining etiquette to prevent a disastrous faux pas.

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