Davis Bush

City of Residence: Michigan City

Spouse/Children: Kathleen

Employment: Retired

Hobbies: All shooting sports

Member Since: 2020

Introduced: 13 when my father gave me a Browning Auto 5. After years of playing gunbearer and "dog" learning safety and sportsmanship, woodsmanship, before firing my first shot.

Continent(s) Hunted: S. Africa & USA

Favorite Trophy: Bushbuck. Hard to find and hunt at night in unfamiliar areas.

Memorable Hunt: 2018. Limpopo S. Africa. 13 SCI record grade animals. We asked our PH to get us to animals that were aged or unusually stressed. He put on a 16 year old 210 lb. warthog and a Oryx with teeth so worn that he was starving.

Favorite Species to Hunt: African plains animals

Want to Hunt: Greater KUDU

Advice: Practice, practice, practice courteously!

October Meeting

 Camo Night

Wear camouflage & get 1 extra door prize ticket.
Also our annual membership drive... Bring a guest (one non-family member) for free!

Sue Ellen McCleary presents...
My Summer Vacation...
Texas Style!

It is very important that we give The Pinnacle Center an accurate attendance so that we have enough food & table settings!
Call or Email Don Dixon (616) 676-0305 or
Please: Make Reservation before Monday, October 3rd.


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