Davis Bush

City of Residence: Michigan City

Spouse/Children: Kathleen

Employment: Retired

Hobbies: All shooting sports

Member Since: 2020

Introduced: 13 when my father gave me a Browning Auto 5. After years of playing gunbearer and "dog" learning safety and sportsmanship, woodsmanship, before firing my first shot.

Continent(s) Hunted: S. Africa & USA

Favorite Trophy: Bushbuck. Hard to find and hunt at night in unfamiliar areas.

Memorable Hunt: 2018. Limpopo S. Africa. 13 SCI record grade animals. We asked our PH to get us to animals that were aged or unusually stressed. He put on a 16 year old 210 lb. warthog and a Oryx with teeth so worn that he was starving.

Favorite Species to Hunt: African plains animals

Want to Hunt: Greater KUDU

Advice: Practice, practice, practice courteously!

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