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Ron Grenadier

Ron Grenadier, Treasurer
I am a desk jockey who happens to love the outdoors, traveling to new places, especially those where you can feel the past and imagine what it was like 300 or a 1,000 years ago. I studied accounting and social anthropology at Michigan State University (majored only with a degree in Accounting).  I am a lifelong Spartan fan, and Green and White is in my blood. I am still fascinated by the more primitive tribes or those that prefer to live in their old lifestyles with minimal modern intrusions. My first choice preference is to bowhunt when and where I can, but as age has crept up and taken over, I have become more willing to use the crossbow or rifle. I have hunted various parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand,4 Australia, Namibia, and South Africa. My bucket list bow hunts still include musk ox and African lion, and a second attempt at a nilgai. My career path has been mainly in CFO, Director of Finance, and various Controller roles. I also own a CNC machining company. Being involved with SCI allows me to be a part of what I am passionate about: hunting, conservation, and the opportunity to be with people who share the same ideals.

Besides SCI Michigan, I am also a member of SCI West Michigan Bowhunters and the Treasurer for the Potawatomi Bowmen Club in Kalamazoo. I am a licensed CPA and reside in Portage, Michigan.

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