This Beautiful Giclee on Canvas, Gallery Edition is one of seventy five measuring 34” x 37” without frame, 42”x45” Framed. Art is currently at the framer with new photos posted upon its completion.

John Banovich (b.1964) is an American contemporary oil painter known internationally for his large, dramatic portrayals of iconic wildlife. Today, Banovich’s work is admired and collected globally by prominent politicians, entertainers, business leaders and art collectors. His work can be found in private collections, corporate offices and museums throughout the world. “Tlou Ledimo” means 'elephant storm' in Tswana (language of the local people of Botswana). I have stood, motionless, as 12,000 pounds of raging bull barrels towards me. But with most bull elephant charges it merely is a bluff, and often their bluff includes an enormous amount of theatre, such as kicking up mud and debris. When this massive bull, near the Kwai River in Botswana, finally stopped less than 15 feet away, I was covered in mud, grass and water... the result of being in the eye of the elephant storm.” - John Banovich, Artist.

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Value: $2,775

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