The Humanitarian Initiative is the outstanding program our chapter runs every year for a long time!.

ALL THE MONEY GOES TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY. Participants include handicapped kids, wounded veterans and older physically debilitated veterans who would never be able to get into the woods to hunt on their own.

Our moneys and manpower have helped so many in the past and as you can see, will help many more in the future.

Thank all those listed who put their money where their heart is.

Thank you to our 2014 contributors...

Clark & Karen Lincoln   
Joe & Debbie Pedersen

Stony & Alma Bing
Lee & Jan Murray
Dennis Sprick & Michelle Ghareeb

Don & Linda Dixon
Mark & Gayle Rohde
Bob & Nancy Mills
Bruce & Nancy Tyree
Ron Grenadier

Mike & Brenda Hall       
Jerry & Sandi Swett
Mike & Quincy Kwast       
Scott & Phatty Bylsma       
Mike & Theresa Sickles
Mike & Melanie Krohn
Stacy Koning                           
Brian & Denise Teunis       
Brad & Joan  Lemke
Craig Bade
Ron Dozeman
Joel Zuidema
George Crowley
Bill MacDermaid
DJ & Sandra Smith
Bob & Meredith Gano
Jason & Erin Young
Pete & Judy Vanderark
Roger & Jacquelyn Rozema
Mark & Kathy Haisma
Larry Smith & Sue Ellen Carr
Fred & Cathie Leonard
Dan & Julie Olson
Tony & Beth LaRoma
Larry & Stephanie Stabb

Craig Stull
Ron & Chris Peek
Pat & Sarah Hodapp

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Christmas Dinner
5p - 9:30pm
Big Buck Night
6p - 7:30pm
Youth Night
6p - 7:30pm
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