The Michigan Chapter of SCI - It’s What We Do

Conservation/Public Service

  • Partnered with MIC and the DNR to fund reintroduction of the Pine Martin in MI (2004-2006)
  • Purchased kayaks to help meet the need of the DNR officers in the field (2005)
  • Partnered with MIC and the DNR to fund Predator/Prey studies in MI (2007-2010)
  • Purchased a dart gun for the DNR Wildlife Division for use on “problem” animals (2007)
  • Awarded the prestigious “Partner in Conservation Award” by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (2007)
  • Purchased 4 radios for the MDNR to be used by officers in the field (2008)
  • Purchased an additional kayak for a new DNR officer (2008)
  • Purchased a shooting device for handicapped hunters (2009)
  • Partnered with MIC/DNR funding Predator/Prey studies (2012)

Protection of Hunting Rights

  • Assisted in the passage of the Michigan Hunter Protection law
  • Contributor in the unsuccessful fight to protect dove hunting in Michigan (2006)
  • Contributor in the successful fight to defeat anti-hunting ballot initiative in Alaska (2008)
  • Contributor to the Montana ballot initiative in the fight against eliminating all guide sponsored big game tags and raising the license fees for non-residents (2010)
  • Assist SCI and pro-hunting organizations worldwide in preventing anti-hunting legislation
  • Donated $1000 to the hunter defense fund (2013)


  • Sponsor a handicap youth hunter (yearly)
  • Sponsor “Wounded Veteran" hunters (every year we can make a contact)
  • Started a chapter “Blue Bag” outreach program for traveling hunters (2006 – present)
  • Contribute cash and food for the SCI “Sportsmen Against Hunger” program (yearly)
  • Paid $600 to provide 60 backpacks for an orphanage in Kenya (2007)
  • Provided 100 mosquito nets, which has saved the lives of thousands of children, at $5.07/each to be sent to Zambia
    (2008 - 2009)
  • Supported the mosquito net program in Africa with a donation of $750 (2010)
  • Provided $500 for mosquito nets (2012)
  • Sponsored Missouri whitetail hunt for 3 Michigan Purple Heart veterans (2013)
  • Donated $6500 for hunts for veterans and the disabled at Legends Ranch and Ruby Creek (2013)


  • Donated $600 to provide “Safari In A Box” for Michigan State Parks educational program
  • Provides 3 “Safari In A Box” to loan to area schools.
  • Donated $1,500 for the Wounded Warrier Project (2012)
  • Paid $10,000 to sponsor “I is For Ivory,” a permanent exhibit at the Grand Rapids Museum
  • Send Michigan teachers to the American Wilderness Leadership School in Wyoming (yearly)
  • Provide scholarships for Michigan undergraduate and graduate students (yearly)
  • Pay to place the MUCC magazine Tracks in primary schools in West Michigan (yearly)
  • Provide a Sensory Safari trailer for blind and handicap children, veteran and school groups
  • Donated to SCI Sable’s Education programs (2007-2010)
  • Co-sponsored an education seminar given by Mark Duda with the other MI Chapters (2009)
  • Donated a Safari-In-Box kit to the Michigan DNR to use in their educational trailers and in the trapper education courses (2009) - Value $800
  • Donated $500 to the DNR scholarship program (2010-2012)
  • Donated $6700 to the AWLS program (2012-2013)
  • Donated $5000 to the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland MI
  • Sensory Trailer logged 940 miles for 7,105 visitors (2013)
  • Donated $1000 to SCI’s International Wildlife Museum (2013)


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