General Donations - Fiscal Year 2019 Amount
Outdoor Discovery Center 3500
Youth Skeet/Trap Shooting Team, Orange Crushers 1500
Ivan Carter’s Raindrop Initiative 1800
Boy Scouts Archery Pavilion 5000
SCI Hunter Advocacy Fund 1000
Stewards of Wildlife 6000
Camp Iron Sights 6000
Michigan Out-of-Doors TV sponsorship 5000
Lake Michigan Fishing Trips for Disabled Kids 6000
Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance’s “Tractor and Lion” Project 25,000
Croton Sportsmen’s Club 4,000
Norton Shores Hunter’s Safety 2,725
Ruby Creek for Disable Veteran Hunts 2,500
North Park Montessori to for National Archery In Schools Program (“NASP”) 2,364
Purchase supplies for new Zambia school for which Chapter Member is sponsoring construction. 2,000
Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2019 74,389

Totals for Fiscal year ended June 30, 2018 were $38,800

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