Allen Creek Ranch has been family owned for over 30 years. Don and Becky Prince would like to welcome you to their 4-star hunting preserve. This hunt is to be taken between September and November 2018 and includes 1 hunter for 4 days and additional hunters can be added at $3,150.00 per hunter. This hunt can also be upgraded for $100.00 per inch for anything over 140. The preserve encompasses nearly one square mile and you’ll see large bodied Northern Whitetail deer, sporting giant racks and stunning mass.

Thanks to Allen Creek’s breeding program and superior genetics, they guarantee they will show you a 120" to a 140" buck, and much larger bucks are very likely. The largest buck ever taken was 248"! You will be hunting deer in their wild native habitat, and it often takes the full 4-days to take a deer. This Northern Whitetail deer hunt includes a 4-day stay at the ranch, where you will wake up every morning to Becky’s famous Southern cooking. This hunt will be taken mostly on foot and in a vehicle, includes field preparation, trophy transport to shipper and license/permit fees.

Out-of-state winners can either drive to the ranch, or if flying, the nearest major airport is Grand Rapids. The ranch is 97 miles north, and cars can be rented. This cost is the responsibility of the hunter.

Value: $3,150

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