AreaConcession Outfitters Address Guides Name Booking Agent Start Date of Hunt End Date of Hunt Make Model of Firearm Bow Distances to expect and range at which trophies were taken Optics Species Hunting Not Taken Reason Not Taken Evaluation of Support Camp Facilities Evaluation of Support Equipment Evaluation of Support Food Evaluation of Support Trophy Preparation Describe hunt conditions Describe hunt transportation Describe any problems you encountered if any Personal highlights Comments on guides performance Hunters Name
Faber Ranch, Havre, Montana Bear Paw Hunts Inc.
Box 765,
Havre, MT 59501
Steve Faber Legends Outfitting 10.29.2013 11.04.2013 Dakota model 97 in 300wm and Krieghoff Semprio in 300wm Joe's was shot at 100 yards and Steve's at 350 yards this is what you should expect Both guns topped with Swarovki 2.5x15 Z6 scopes bring 10 power binos none Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Arrived at the Great Fall airport on the 29th of October on our annual Father (Joe) and Son (Steve) hunt and was net by Randy from the ranch and drove about an hour to the ranch house. A nice comfortable lodge with good beds, clean bathrooms and very good home cooked meals. They even had satellite TV so we could check the football scores. Met our guide Steve Faber, fired our guns and set out the next morning. Joe toke a nice 10 point on the first day and Steve a Great old 11 point still in velvet on day four. On day five we went Pheasant hunting and limited out in short order. Each day we saw a number of shooter bucks, lots of Mule Deer and a few shooter White Tails. (Our license was good for either but we were after Mule Deer) The pheasant are abundant. Departed on the 4th of November. We had a great time and will return! Air from Grand Rapids to Great Falls Montana, Met by Outfitter at the airport and transported by truck to the ranch None Hunting as a father and son on there first Mule Deer hunt together and Blasting away at the pheasant on the last day. Outstanding. Joe and Steve Pedersen

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