AreaConcession Outfitters Address Guides Name Booking Agent Start Date of Hunt End Date of Hunt Make Model of Firearm Bow Distances to expect and range at which trophies were taken Optics Species Hunting Not Taken Reason Not Taken Evaluation of Support Camp Facilities Evaluation of Support Equipment Evaluation of Support Food Evaluation of Support Trophy Preparation Describe hunt conditions Describe hunt transportation Describe any problems you encountered if any Personal highlights Comments on guides performance Hunters Name
King Ranch south of Corpus Christi Kingsville, Texas Jose Salazar 05.19.2014 05.22.2014 PSE Brute
Horton Crossbow
10 Point Crossbow
nilgai range = 12 yards to 60 yards
Hogs = 3 yards to 35 yards
N/A for bow. Standard scopes for the crossbows Nilgai For an archery hunt, the temperatures were not hot enough. Our daily temps were in the high 80s, and just pushing 90. To get Nilgai to come to water, the temps need to hit mid-90's or better. Excellent Good Good Good Hot and humid, but not hot enough for Nilgai. Also very windy, with the average wind speed at 25 to 30 miles an hour consistently. Temps in the high 80s, pushing 90s. My partner and I drove to the ranch. Once at the ranch, transport is by pickup truck on black top roads. My partner's bow failed in the field, so he switched to a crossbow. Since the area is remote, it is a very good idea to have a backup bow or crossbow. A first for me to hunt in extreme heat and humidity, and to see a nilgai roaming through the brush. They are BIG, almost like a brahma bull. Very good. Was born on the ranch, and has lived there all his life. Really knows nilgai, their habits, and movements. Ronald Grenadier

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