AreaConcession Outfitters Address Guides Name Booking Agent Start Date of Hunt End Date of Hunt Make Model of Firearm Bow Distances to expect and range at which trophies were taken Optics Species Hunting Not Taken Reason Not Taken Evaluation of Support Camp Facilities Evaluation of Support Equipment Evaluation of Support Food Evaluation of Support Trophy Preparation Describe hunt conditions Describe hunt transportation Describe any problems you encountered if any Personal highlights Comments on guides performance Hunters Name
Lake Wales area Lake Wales Florida Chuck Simmons 03.14.2014 03.16.2014 Weatherby 300 Win Mag range of 3 yards to 200 yards

gator shot at approx 110 yards
Leupold Osceola Turkey I am not a good turkey hunter. Excellent Excellent I stayed at a local motel nearby to the outfitter's house. The rooms were decent, There was a restaurant across the parking lot. Plus there were many places to eat or take out in Lake Wales I rented a car in Orlando. When hunting with Chuck, we used his pickup truck None. Taking a free range alligator over 10 feet. My alligator measured 11 feet 2 inches Chuck is a very experienced trapper and gator guide. He used to have a full-time crew, and would harvest over 250 gators a hear. Knows all the travel routes and hangouts for gators, having lived in this part of the world all his life Ronald Grenadier

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